Felicity Jean

By Jennifer Holshoe
April 8, 2020

Felicity Jean

born at 8:02am

September 12

8lbs 14oz and 21”

On Wednesday night, there was a huge storm and our power went out. My husband spent at least an hour getting our generator running and I almost texted Jen to ask if they delivered babies during power outages.

Woke up at 4:30am on Thursday morning (39weeks), went to the bathroom and had a strong contraction. I tried to lay back down but it was too uncomfortable. I sat on my yoga ball in my bedroom trying to be quiet. The contractions were intense but I didn’t want to wake up the other kids. I sat there and timed contractions for a while. Around 6, I texted Jen and told her I was pretty certain I was in labor. My water had always broken first and of course it hadn’t yet with this one, but this had been a weird pregnancy anyway. She told me to lay down to try and rest and eat something, neither of which I was able to do. At 7 I texted that they should head over and I went and got into the birth pool, which made me much more comfortable. My husband was busy running extension cords up to our bedroom so I could have a lamp and a fan.

Jen and Jenn showed up at some point… They were quiet and let me do my own thing. A few minutes before I felt like I needed to push, I felt my water break.

With 3 pushes, Felicity was out. We hung out in the water for a while and my husband got to announce that we had another girl.

This was our first planned homebirth and after a surprise homebirth with baby #3. This was much less stressful. My husband repeatedly told me how easy everything had been.

It was amazing how quickly my other kids got to meet Felicity and how easy our transition into adding this newest addition was.

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