By Jennifer Holshoe
March 28, 2020

August 26
9 lbs 11ozs

This was a very hard pregnancy for me. Summer was hot and I was swollen. On his guess date I thought maybe he’d show up because I started having contractions 5 minutes apart consistently. I labored for a whole day but I’m the end it stopped and I was discouraged. Over the next week I consistently had contractions but they were sporadic and in the front. I have only had back labor before with my other two so I didn’t believe that the contractions were, “the real deal.” one week later to the day I went to bed crying and around midnight I felt like I was peeing the bed. I jumped up and grabbed a towel. I pee wouldn’t stop coming out and I remember thinking that it was the last straw and I hated everything.😂😂
Surprise, it was my water breaking. My water never broke before labor with the other two so this was new to me.
My mom showed up and through the night I labored. It was very strong In my back and front at the same time so that was really intense. I would have a good hour of strong waves then I’d have an hour of sleep and that happened all night. In the morning my kids woke up and I got my oldest ready for her first day of school. Then I headed back downstairs and my labor really kicked in after that. After a few hours of labor and trying different positions I started feeling really pushy. I felt like I hadn’t even gone through transition so I think Jen was a bit worried that I was pushing prematurely but I couldn’t stop so I went with it.

I pushed for awhile and then headed for the pool. I got my arm and some of my top in the water before I felt him crowning. 😂
I held him in for as long as I could because I really didn’t want to tear. I felt him move down bit by bit and finally he was born. He slid out perfectly and into my arms he went. I remember saying that I couldn’t believe I gave birth on “dry land” 😂😂
No tearing and he was perfect and beautiful. In the end I got to take a killer herb bath in my unused tub so that was great.
I’m so thankful for such an amazing birth team!

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