About Us

Jennifer holshoe, LM, CPM

My passion is empowering women to make the best decisions that they can for themselves and their families. Being a midwife allows me to do this to the fullest. I trained in a direct midwifery apprenticeship under an experienced midwife in a very busy practice. I completed certification as a Certified Professional Midwife in 2016 and received my State of MI license when it became available in August 2019. I have attended over 350 births. My husband Rich and I have been married for 20 years, and we have three daughters: Lily (16), Rosie (14), and Daisy (11). We love hiking and gardening, and enjoy spending our Michigan out on the boat.

Jenn DeWaard, LM, CPM 

In 2005, my first baby was born breech, prematurely and via cesarean section. I quickly learned about VBCAs for subsequent children. In 2008, I became a childbirth educator and doula. In 2009, after struggling with secondary infertility, I had my second baby, born into my husband's waiting hands. My life was changed. I wanted every pregnant person to feel empowered in their birth. I went on to have my last two babies as water births at home as well. I began working at West Michigan Midwifery in 2016 as an assistant, and in 2017 became an official student. I finish my training in 2019 to become a licensed midwife. In my free time, I love exploring the lakeshore with my family and knitting baby hats for the families we serve.

Teresa Cramer, LM, CPM

A Michigan native and Calvin College graduate, Teresa developed her interest for midwifery shortly after the birth of her first nephew. SInce then, she has assisted families as a midwife, doula and childbirth educator in Michigan, Maine, Pennsylvania and Boston. Teresa is passionate about providing families with holistic and informed care during their childbearing years. Valuing each individual family, Teresa is quick to listen and understand each client's needs to ensure a safe empowering birth experience. Teresa completed her midwifery education at Birthwise Midwifery School where she worked in a small homebirth practice in Southern Maine and a large volume homebirth practice in Pennsylvania amongst the Amish community. Teresa's wide range of experience enhances her ability to provide culturally sensitive and evidenced based care to each client and family

Kelsey Dean, Student Midwife

I started my initial midwifery education in 2016. From there, I decided to become a doula to gain more experience first about what it meant to be "with woman" throughout pregnancy. I practiced as a birth worker in Grand Rapids, Detroit, and the Bay Area, CA. I am eager to transition into being a student midwife with West Michigan Midwifery! When not studying, I enjoy cooking, practicing yoga, dancing, and checking on our currently pregnant goats.